Full Family Consignment

Grace's Merry-Go-Round

Grace's Merry-Go-Round

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Tips from Grace

  • If you have never been here, come in look around, get hangers so you don't have to use your own.
  • Bring in 35-40 items, even though you only need 20 items to start an account, we do not accept everything and want your first experience to be a pleasant one.

  • Come early to avoid the "lunch" rush.
  • The better an item looks, the better it is for you.  If the item is wrinkled, iron it or throw it in the dryer until all wrinkles are gone.  
  • Only one item per hanger
  • Freshen all items, febreeze works great!
  • Package items together: for example if bringing in a toy Noah's Ark set put Noah and his animals in a bag by the boat, or a set of curtains together with a piece of paper saying 84 in panels

Thank you for considering us for your consignment needs!

​​​​New Consignor? 

  • From September 1st to January 3rd we do not take any linens(bedding, curtains, towels) or lamps to accommodate  for Christmas.
  • All new accounts must have at least 20 acceptable items to start an account, 
  • Any item that has more than one piece,( i.e. dishes, toys), are counted as 1 item.
  • We take Christmas October 1st through the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


  • All items must be on hangers before coming in the store. We have hangers available for your use, unfortunately we do have the space for you to hang up your items in the store.
  • All clothes must be wrinkle, stain, lint, and rip free.
  • All clothing should be bought with in the past 2 years.
  • We accept young men's clothing, up to size XL shirt and 36 pant. 

Household Miscellaneous

  • Dirt, dust, food, and yuck free, this is very important!
  • If it has pieces, it must have all the pieces!  We only take sealed puzzles and children's wooden puzzles.
  • We start accepting holiday items 2 months before the holiday.
  • Please bring your items in something you do not want back.  Boxes and trash bags are acceptable and preferred.
  • If you are wanting to bring in furniture we ask that you wait until your account is open. At that time we will provide instructions on how to bring in furniture..

How the Consignment Works

  • We are a 50%-50% split with consignor.

  • The trained staff at Grace's determine the prices for you items.

  • We do not itemize your items.

  • A Consignor may receive a check for items sold once the account is over $25.00 once a month or they can use their amount on their account as credit towards purchases in the store.

  • Items that aren't accepted can be donated to the organization we give to.  We do offer an un-itemized tax donation form.

  • We do have a .50 maintenance fee at the end of each active month.